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Lindy’s Designs is the creation of a mother, daughter design team. Two gals who love to wear jewelry and to make jewelry. From early ages Baille and I have loved crafting together and making things. It started with crafting for school holiday parties and birthday parties. We enjoy sewing, crocheting, knitting and anything crafty. Baille and I have always loved jewelry and making jewelry for ourselves was just a natural leap from the other crafting that we had been doing.


This leap into jewelry making started by accident over 10 years ago when Baille came home from a friend’s house where the mother had started making jewelry and suggested that we give it a try. That was the beginning of a love affair with beads and all things sparkly. We love working with natural stones, Czech glass, Vintage beads, Artisan beads, African beads, metal beads, the list is endless. With so many techniques and materials to work with, we found jewelry making a never ending adventure. Soon after we started making jewelry, we began getting inquiries about the jewelry we were wearing and people wanting to buy our pieces.


I have taken classes from some highly respected teachers to include Connie Fox, Sherri Serafini, Kate Mckinnon, Carol Cypher and local teachers at various bead shops. Baille and I continue to learn on a daily basis.


Linda Younkman