Diamond Bracelet with Toho Cubes and Seed Beads

pink-and-orange1Recently on facebook, Shirley Moore posted a photo of a fun summer bracelet that she had just completed. The orange and pink are such fun summer colors, looking like ice cream sherbet .

Shirley is an excellent bead weaver and we have become friends through facebook. Shirley often times provides encouragement on my attempts at bead weaving and provides me with links to patterns. After seeing the photo of this bracelet, I asked Shirley if she would be willing to share a link to the pattern.

Shirley Moore
Shirley Moore

This pattern is called :

“How to Make a diamond bracelet using Toho cubes and seed beads” by MargheBeadbyBead

As luck would have it, I go looking through my bead stash to try and locate beads to make a bracelet of my own. No cube beads, no orange seed beads in the correct size and no pink beads either. Most of you can relate to my dilemma, tons of beads but wrong size, wrong color so off to the bead store I go.

I manage to pick up the crystal cube beads, an orange size 11 and a matte pink bead. Back home with my beading mat out and my beading light, I lay out my beads to begin – well the crystal and orange are fine but now in the proper lighting, the matte pink bead that I bought just isn’t going to work – just not the right feel to the bracelet. So back to my bead stash I go again and guess what, I find not one but three beads in various shades of pink in the size that I needed for the bracelet.

I take all of the pink beads back to my beading mat and decided that I like the combination of multiple shades of pink with the orange. I’ve got the You Tube video playing and my needle threaded and I’m off. After several messages with Shirley about the sizing of her bracelet I got mine completed.

Only problem, even though I used the correct size cubes and seed beads and increased the number of seed beads per row, my center section is measuring about 3 ¾”. I wear a size 7 ½” bracelet and some modifications were going to be needed to increase the bracelet portion. I modified my bracelet by adding a couple more diamond shapes at each end with smaller rows of beads to connect the main section.

A trip to JoAnn fabrics provided me with several button options for my clasp. I love buttons and often use them for closures to my bracelets. Bracelet completed, not like the tutorial and different from Shirley’s but pleasing to me none the less.
An added bonus, the bracelet matches a summer top that I have in my wardrobe and a pair of earrings that I just recently purchased (none of this was planned).


Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 9.30.02 AM

It’s a perfect match!





I shared the video link to this bracelet over on the Creative Bead Chat website.  Check out the blog post on this site for the link.