Needle, Thread and Beads

Pyramid Beads with Copper Clasp

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any beadwork but lately I’ve been on a bead weaving kick. I just discovered some of the  new beads on the market and they have inspired me to try my hand at some designs using these beads.   Normally, I would not classify myself as a seed beader,  I always considered a lot of the bead work a little too fussy for my taste so I stayed away from it for the most part. Lately though I’ve given it another try.   I’m trying new beads, new techniques (at least for me) and new types of endings for my pieces.  Here’s a sampling of my latest:

Peyote Wave with Leather Ending
Herringbone Stitch with Leather Snap Closure
Herringbone Stitch with Super Duos and a  O Bead Fringe and Leather Button

Peyote Wave Bracelet with Super Duos and Leather Ending

  1. AntiquityTravelers

    beautiful work! you might not classify yourself as a seed beader …. but you sure are one!