Bead Soup Blog Party, Soup Ingredients are almost Ready!!

I’m getting excited for my first Bead Soup Blog Party.  I have started setting all of my ingredients for the soup out on my counter, double checking the cabinet to make sure that all the ingredients are there, and giving them one last look over.    These tasty ingredients will soon be on their way to my lovely bead soup partner, Laura Guenther of BlueAntiquities blogspot

Laura is a mixed media artist, mother of three and a jewelry designer.  Laura has done a lot of patina work and enameling in her jewelry designs.    She just recently completed a class with Barbara Lewis at her new  St Petersburg Florida studio. (I’m sooo jealous).  I can’t wait to see some of the work that Laura did in class.   I am just starting out with enameling myself and I certainly could use some help.  

Here are some examples of Laura’s designs. I love the enamel components that she used in these.  They all are definitely my style.  What great work Laura does.  
I am excited to get to know Laura better and to see what she does with the soup ingredients that will be coming her way shortly.  We both selected the later reveal date and because of vacation that each of us was taking in early July we are sending our ingredients a little later than other folks.  No worries.  It is sure to be great!!