Do Over Challenge

Jeannie Dukic  of JKDJewelry is sponsoring a Do Over challenge. The challenge was to take an “old, tired, boring” piece of jewelry that Jeannie had made in her early days of jewelry making and to recreate a piece of jewelry using the same beads.  Additional beads from our own stash could be added but we were to use at least 50% of the do over piece.  
Here is the piece that I received from Jeannie.  There were earrings also but I forgot to photograph them before I started using the beads.

I made two necklaces from the beads in the original necklace.  The first one is a combination of two different purple amethyst beads using the moonstones as a break between the purple.  The spiky nature of the one amethyst bead mimics the uneven look of the moonstone from the original necklace.   I also used the chain and closure from the original necklace in this piece.  

The second necklace is a simple little necklace using red millefiori squares with navy and yellow accent beads.  Again I used the moonstone chips to separate the other beads in the piece. The donut beads were added to this piece for a bit of whimsy.  With the additional donut beads I created a matching pair of earrings.  

 Check out the other blogs for a look at the other redos.  Thanks to Jeannie for hosting this challenge.  
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14 Responses

  1. Pretty Things

    Adding the rings to the earrings was a great idea!

  2. Jeannie

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  3. Jeannie

    My beads and your beads play very nice together. The first one is beautiful and the second one is so fun and whimsy! Thank you so much Linda for participating in my little Do Over Challenge.

  4. Kokopelli

    I love the second necklace and earrings! Such summery colors!

  5. Alesha

    Your first necklace is beautiful! My sister-in-love (a real lover all things purple) would adore it! The second necklace and earrings is more my style…in fact, as soon as I saw it, I felt a huge smile come across my face. It is just so FUN! I love the primary colors and the basic shapes all together. These are really great pieces! 🙂

    Alesha Kay

  6. Courtney

    Beautiful! You definately hit the jackpot with what Jeannie sent you. I have to agree with Alesha, the second piece makes me smile!

  7. Cindy

    What beautiful pieces! I love how you changed the look of the necklace completely by adding the pretty amethyst…..and the second necklace is really a bright and fun design. Love the earrings too – what a creative use of seed beads!

  8. Marlene Cupo

    Love amethyst, especially since its my daughter’s birthstone. You certainly did this challenge justice!!!

  9. Mary

    I am definitely a purple kind of girl and I like how you picked up the moonstone tones with the amethyst, nice piece.

  10. Michelle Mach

    Isn’t is amazing what a little bit of color can do? You’ve created necklaces with such different personalities. I love the idea of adding the rings to those whimsical earrings.

  11. Therese's Treasures

    Hi Linda,
    Both pieces are beautiful! The first necklace is very pretty using the moon stone with the Amethyst. The second necklace is fun with the bright and summery colors this one would be a good choice for July.

  12. Alice

    Wow you really transformed the original piece into two lovely necklaces–each with a totally different look. Just the addition of color really makes a difference.

  13. Julia

    Wow, what a difference between the “before” and “after”! The first one is so classy, but I LOVE the whimsy of the second one! It’s so much fun to look at– I love how you added color– just my kind of jewelry! <3

    So glad that I found your blog through this challenge/hop~

    *~* Julia *~* *~*

  14. Molly Alexander

    Wow – what a transformation! The first necklace is beautifully formal, and I really like the ametheyst with the moonstones, but I have to say that the whimsical set is my favorite. The bright colors are so fun! Fantastic work! 🙂