Suddenly it’s Spring Challenge

Spring is certainly in the air.  The temperatures are getting warmer each day and the flowers are starting to bud in my backyard.  As a welcome to spring Michelle Mach hosted a Suddenly Spring Challenge and today is the big reveal. Twenty Two people are participating in this challenge.  Each person was given the opportunity to purchase a pre-strung bracelet of aqua crystal beads and sparkly crystal rondelles and to turn it into something spring

I certainly could have worn the bracelet as is, it was quite sparkly and the color a very pretty icy aqua blue.  But since we were challenged to re purpose the beads, I had to come up with something different.  My dilemma was whether to stay with something familiar or to go for something different.  I decided that I should probably should go the something different route. I made two bracelets from the aqua crystals in this bracelet and saved the rondelles for another project.  One of the things that I wanted to accomplish was to add fibers to my pieces.   I had purchase some Sari silk back in the winter but had not yet used it in a jewelry piece.  The colors in the silk screamed spring to me.  I decided to crochet a base out of the Sari silk for the first piece.   I rounded up some flowers and leaves that I had in my stash in the same aqua color.  I added them to the base with some artistic wire, added a cute button and immediately had a spring time bracelet.    

The second bracelet was made using memory wire, seed beads, flowers, crystals, and silver along with some sari silk bows for accents.  

Both pieces are totally different but both say spring to me.  What do you think?  Please check out these other sites to see what “spring time” ideas they all came up with and enjoy.   

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18 Responses

  1. DW
    | Reply

    The first bracelet is so bright and colorful and reminds me of all the tulips that will be popping up soon. The second one reminds me of spring rains. Very pretty.

  2. Therese's Treasures
    | Reply

    Both bracelets are very pretty and do say spring time. I love the bright and pretty colors in the first bracelet and nice idea on crocheting the silk. I agree with DW about the second one looking like spring rains.

  3. Marlene Cupo
    | Reply

    I am in love with the blue bracelet. Love your use of the sari silk in it.

  4. Pixiloo
    | Reply

    Those are wonderful. I love the crocheted one. It’s so bright and fun! The bows on the second one ad such a great element.

  5. Michelle Mach
    | Reply

    Sari silk is just right for spring–great choice! It’s amazing how much difference the color of the ribbon makes in the finished pieces. They both have a totally different vibe. I love the idea of a sari silk crochet bracelet. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that before. Thanks for joining the challenge!

  6. Firefly Visions
    | Reply

    The sari silk is beautiful in the first piece and the colors in the fabric really do scream spring. My favorite piece is the wrap bracelet. It is fun and whimsical to me. I love how each of your pieces have a completely different feel to them.

  7. Silver Rains
    | Reply

    I love the texture using Sari silk adds to a piece. The colors in the first piece remind me of the colors found in a spring garden when the flowers are blooming. The 2nd has a beautiful combination of aqua/blue that reminds me of the crystal blue springs we have here in Florida lovely and refreshing 🙂

  8. The Crazier Sister
    | Reply

    Very nice. I like them both, but I really like the first one better. Maybe it’s the warmth of the colors. Or jealousy over the sari silk. Not sure 🙂 The 1st one is fun, funky and a little playful. The 2nd one is very feminine and dressy and could be paired with either a dress or a casual outfit to dress up jeans. Both are just lovely!

  9. Pine Ridge Treasures
    | Reply

    Linda – I am amazed and in awe of people like you who use Sari silk in their designs. It is so pretty and adds such a nice amount of texture. When I have tried using the silk, everything comes out looking like a big mess. I like both your designs, esp. the first one because I love bright colors. Great job!

  10. Donetta
    | Reply

    Your colors! Incredible! I’d feel happy all day if I was wearing one of your bracelets.

  11. Jean
    | Reply

    Whoa! Hold me back from these!!! LOVING THEM! xox jean

  12. Lori Anderson
    | Reply

    Very very pretty!

  13. pinkchapeau
    | Reply

    Linda, I love the use of fiber, and the colors you chose accent the blue beads perfectly. These are both so pretty!

  14. Karen Mitchell
    | Reply

    LOVE the crochet sari silk!! It gives a real colour hit, a great backdrop for the blue beads. You’ve reminded me that I’ve seen someone selling yarn spun from sari silk fibres, it would be great to crochet with as too.
    Thanks for commenting on my challenge post.

  15. Michelle
    | Reply

    Fun and pretty! I love the textural quality of quality of both pieces. I especially love the blue (fav color!) memory wire bracelet with all the dangling beads.

  16. bwheather
    | Reply

    Wow, what fun these two pieces are. I love the textured look of the sari silk, too. 😉

  17. Kim
    | Reply

    Love love love – especially the second one (but I am very partial to blue) 🙂

  18. Sharyl
    | Reply

    These are terrific, really truly! Love the colors and designs!

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