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I’m trying out Shop Marketing to see if this helps to bring customers to my Etsy shop.  It looks like it might be a nice feature.  You can schedule posting of items from your Etsy shop to Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, StumbleUpon and Tumblr.  I did a test with a few of my items to see how they appeared and I appreciate any comments that I get.  I am looking for suggestions on photographs and tags for the shop.  

I have been listing things on Etsy for the past nine months and have had very little traffic.  I have even used the promotional ads that they have available.  It took me awhile to get listings in Etsy because of the photograph element.  Even though I have three very artistic children – all have studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design and all have excellent photography skills, I was pretty much on my own when it came to taking my jewelry photos.  It wasn’t until I saw a blog about using the macro setting on your camera that I got decent enough shots to use.  Even though I’m not a young chick, I have no problem reading and learning new things.  I did a little experimenting with backgrounds and when the sun is shining I think the shots turn out okay.  My middle son has given me some pointers on editing photos with LightRoom and I have started adjusting exposures, cropping a few basic things. My kiddies have also been very critical of layouts and not getting too fussy with backgrounds so I am trying to heed their suggestions.  It all it a lot bit of trial and error and being able to take criticism and adjust.  

This morning is a really nice sunny day and so I’m out on my dew kissed deck trying to take pics.  Problem is that no matter where I move my pieces I get a shadow.  Now I must wait until my son gets home from work to see what he suggests.  Also, I’m trying to take pictures of earrings for the first time and I find it really hard to get a shot that doesn’t look awkward.   Same goes for really long necklaces.  

The thing I love most about the beading community is the ability to share and ask questions and I am learning a lot from other jewelry makers.  So any comments or suggestions are welcome.  

Enjoy your St Patrick’s day and the beautiful weather that most of the country is enjoying.  

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    Best wishes to you on up coming sales. Your jewelry is very pretty and looks comfortable to wear. I have the same problem with shadow, but not so much now that I purchased a photo tent.

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